Harry Layton PMP

Project / Program Manager

Harry Layton PMP

Harry Layton PMP

                                     Core Competencies
      Project Leadership and Management              Communications + Relationship Management
         Crisis Management                                             Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
         Process Development                                        Data Analysis                                                                            Conflict Resolution                                             Enterprise Account Management

Pitney Bowes Software:  2010 – Current

  Manager Operations & Client Success Manager:                                                                      2014 - Current
Successfully managing a global team delivering results through highly organized and focused programs based on the tight coordination and management of many teams and individuals across PB, enterprise-clients and other vendor organizations, and across a broad range of products.
Typical daily/weekly activity includes driving productive cooperation between Services, Support, Product Management, Engineering and Sales & Marketing. Client portfolio includes RRD/Canada, Facebook, Citi Group, MasterCard, Twitter, BCBSSC, CVS and other enterprise level companies.
Operational and strategic objectives include:

  • Highly organized and effective management and coordination of diverse, and geographically disparate teams, groups and individuals across PB, clients and vendors including: Services, Product Management, Support, Engineering and Sales/Marketing areas.
  • Work with Sales to optimize and develop opportunities, the positioning of products, and guide business-critical customer relationships. Partner with Services, Sales, Product Management, Engineering and Support to drive growth at selected clients.
  • Support global strategy and revenue growth for the ServiceSTAR product and brand.
  • Drive strategy for retention of enterprise client portfolio – support growth via Sales org.
  • Support execution of global strategic value-add account services including that clients maximize value from PBS products and achieve related business goals.
  • Manage critical escalations plus the effective recovery of troubled/problematic accounts.
  • As the single point of contact (working with Sales teams):
  1.    Client focused approach - highly effective relationship management.
  2.    Achieving efficient resolution for all customer problems great and small.
  3.    Maintaining accountability across all PBS resources to deliver client-oriented results.

                                                       Harry.Layton88@gmail.com     (in) Fairfax, VA 22032

Professional Experience

Pitney Bowes Software                                                                                                                       2010 – 2013

Service Relationship Manager [aka Customer Success Manager]:
As strategic team member in the ServiceSTAR program, managed to great success a client portfolio including Facebook, MasterCard, State Farm and other key accounts valued at $8 million.

  • As the single point of contact (working with Sales teams):

  1. Applied a client focused approach based on highly effective relationship management.

  2. Achieved the most efficient resolution for all customer problems great and small.

  3. Maintained accountability across all PBS resources to deliver client-oriented results.

  • Developed and implemented new escalation processes and procedures delivering effective management for critical account situations including production-down. Eradicated backlogs.

  • Implemented enterprise-wide Managed Service approach – branded as ServiceSTAR – covering a portfolio in excess of $8 million. Achieved 100% retention of portfolio with 5% value uplift. Recognized across PBS as a real solution delivering excellent results.

  • Mentored and trained team members on continuous improvement to the client experience.

  • Developed KPI’s to evaluate ServiceSTAR effectiveness; maintained and interpreted metrics to promote continuous improvement and drive results for customers.

Airbus [Europe]                                                                                                                               2004 – 2009 Consultant: California and Mexico:
Represented Airbus at major suppliers [Panasonic and Rockwell Collins] of cabin ‘kiosk’ structures plus advanced avionic systems (IFE). Managed program compliance and development activities, as well as end-customer issues, across sixty concurrent programs – annual value $25 Million. As primary point of contact in US, negotiated and delivered solutions across wide array of complex issues, collaborating with suppliers, forging relationships based on trust, empathy, and effective communications.

  • Delivery performance consistently improved to 99% on-time shipping dispatch rate. 

  • Conducted ongoing supplier performance analysis using capability and capacity reporting and implemented strict milestone adherence, change control, risk, quality and communications planning.

  • Generated analysis for significantly improved certification process and documentation flow.

  • Significantly improved program visibility and communications between US, Germany, France and Mexico ending stakeholder conflict and driving performance improvements.

  • Consolidated Airbus delivery schedules and supplier data for real milestone monitoring.

BAE SYSTEMS: Regional Aircraft Worldwide                                                                                                              Manager - Customer Support China:                                                                                           2001 – 2003
Project Manager USA:                                                                                                                 2000 – 2001
Senior Field Manager/Engineer:  Based: China, Australia, Europe, USA                                   1990 – 2001